obadele-332x199Africano has been a practitioner of Capoeira for 14 years with his studies taking him to train most notably in Salvador da Bahia, Brasil, Atlanta, GA (USA), Madison, WI (USA) and Chicago, IL (USA).

He spent his formative years and began instructing Capoeira as part of Capoeira Akebelan based in Chicago, IL, learning capoeira as a practical martial art for self-defense and offense. During this time he made a Capoeira pilgrimage to Brasil with his then instructor, Valentao, to study the Capoeira Angola style at Associacao da Capoeira Angola and Mestre Joao Pequeno�s academia while simultaneously studying Capoeira Regional as Academia da Capoeira Mestre Bimba.

In this class, we will begin with a brief history of Capoeira from its African origin in Angola to its use as an instrument of liberation used by enslaved Africans in Brasil to free themselves up to more recent history. Then we will go into exercises tailored for Capoeira as well as some of the basic movements, attacks and escapes/defenses of Capoeira.

We will conclude with a friendly roda, or light sparring session for students to get a chance to practice what they have learned.