Dr. Obadele Kambon

Africano has been a practitioner of Capoeira for 14 years with his studies taking him to train most notably in Salvador da Bahia, Brasil, Atlanta, GA (usa), Madison, WI (usa) and Chicago, IL (usa).

He spent his formative years and began instructing Capoeira as part of Capoeira Akebelan based in Chicago, IL, learning capoeira as a practical martial art for self-defense and offense. During this time he made a Capoeira pilgrimage to Brasil with his then instructor, Valentao, to study the Ca… Read More



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Eli Va Va

Such good material in the hands of another artiste would have formed the basis for a couple of albums but singer Elivava has cramped all ten admirable tunes into one collection appropriately titled Elivava- I Live 4ever…. Read More


Baba Raa El

My initial exposure to Arts Education occurred in 1962 at the Variety Club Camp of Philadelphia (Pa). As a staff member from ’62 to ’70, Arts Education methodologies and techniques were key to working with, and teaching, “differently-abled” non-ambulatory and ambulatory children with Cerebral Palsy, Polio, Multiple Dystrophy, Autism, etc. The lessons learned at VCC have been with me ever since and have come to form the foundation or core from which my Arts Education experiences stem to this… Read More