About Us

the acawf experience

ACAWF is composed of African Fitness through dance, drum, martial arts, aerobics, and yoga, complimented with Wellness presentations that bring a wealth of information on the balancing of the mind-body & spirit, nutrition, emotional healing, life management, meditation, food therapy, natural hair and skincare, culture, history, and great music with Master Teachers, healers and artist from various parts of Africa and the Diasporas.

The “African Culture and Wellness Festival” a.k.a. ACAWF was created by Dr. Sharita Yazid, Naturopath, New Body Products Ghana Chief Operating Officer, and a repatriate to Africa. She gathered a group of natural healers, master African dance/drum instructors, and fitness experts to help create a festival that would deliver a sound platform for years to come. ACAWF has taken the lead in creating a platform that will help educate, empower, and heal Africans on the continent and the Diasporas.


Meet Dr. Sharita:

CEO of New Body Products. Vegan All-Star Chef. And the Founder of the African Culture and Wellness Festival.

With expertise in areas such as Iridology, Reiki, Detoxification, Nutritional Programs, Weight Loss, Herbal Solutions, Wholistic (mind, body, and spirit) Consultations, and African Dance Instruction, coordinating the ACAWF experience embodies her life’s work.

She is a naturopathic doctor from the U.S. and is now residing in Ghana as the CEO of New Body Products Ghana, originally established in 1976 in Compton, California USA.

Dr. Sharita has been helping people heal themselves through natural foods, herbal medicine, exercise, and meditation for over 30 years. She knows that the body has a physical, mental, and spiritual body and that all 3 have to be addressed in order to bring the body back to its whole form. Growing up in her parent´s (Dr. Paul Goss and Mrs. Alzonia Goss) natural food store in a predominantly black community where there is a high risk of hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and depression she saw the need to continue her parents’ work of healing the community through wholistic methods.

Dr. Sharita’s journey as a healer started with her father Dr. Paul Goss who is a world-renowned master iridologist and naturopath and founder of New Body Products.

She uses a variety of healing modalities to identify the imbalances in one´s body to determine what programs to put her clients on.

“As a child, I grew up in a household of wholistic healers. I have been vegetarian since the age of two with a little backsliding here and there. I suffered from chronic bronchitis which made it hard for me to function as a normal child. As a result of eating vegetarian, taking herbal medicine, and playing sports I was able to control this ailment. I´m 46, have 6 healthy children and 3 grandchildren. I am a life-a-holic, passionate about African dance, energetic, and ready to take on the challenge of healing Africans Globally.”

Dr. Sharita has made media appearances on TV3 Sunrise Morning Show every Saturday morning live since April 2012, teaching the healing benefits of natural food.

Moreover, in Ghana, she’s made appearances on LIVE FM, GTV, Skyy TV, Crystal TV, Multi TV, Net 2, Radio Gold, Twin City Radio Takoradi, X FM, and Aseda FM Takoradi.

Dr. Sharita is hosting a series of wholistic wellness classes, starting with vegetarian cooking classes featuring the Vegan All-Stars. This is more than just cooking classes. It is taught by health experts that teach the healing effects of food, information on how to cook to prevent dis-ease and strengthen your immune system as well as how to cook for people with hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, fibroids, cancer, and more.

The participants will also learn the detrimental effects of food.

We want to erase the myth that you can´t enjoy a meal without meat!

For more information on Dr. Sharita, New Body Products, or ACAWF-African Culture and Wellness Festival – please call 0241 453 871 in Ghana or 770 316 4217 in the US.