Seestah IMAHKÜS first visited Ghana in 1987 and repatriated from New York City in 1990, with her husband, Nana Okofo Iture Kwaku I Ababio, a retired New York City Firefighter.  Unfortunately, her Kingman & best friend was killed by a hit and run driver in Accra on 3 July 2007.   She is the CEO and owner of a beautiful Health Resort, Restaurant and Wellness Centre, including a Tour Service located in Iture – Elmina; One Africa was recognized by the Ghana Tourist Board as one of Ghana’s leading Guest Houses and Tour operation services.

She also offers Consultancy Services (“Prepatriation” Preparing for Repatriation), to provide guidance and information for individuals and families seeking to return to Ghana for the purpose of residence, business, study or tourism. One Africa is also a licensed Tour Service. For the past twenty-six years, Seestah IMAHKÜS has worked within the Ghanaian community.  One of her pet projects in addition to the education of the children is finding donors who will assist in drilling Bore Holes in villages that are without water. She is the author of “Returning Home Ain’t Easy But it Sure Is A Blessing” and “A Travel Guide, Points to Ponder When Considering Repatriate Home to Mother Afrika to Live or Visit.” She has also co-authored “Ababio, (He/She Who Has Returned)”; A 21st Century Anthology of African Diasporan returnees to Ghana.   Her books are extraordinary manifestations of her personal experiences while demonstrating what it takes to settle and make Ghana their home. IMAHKÜS is a prolific writer and her candid sense of humor makes for an admirable, enjoyable yet serious and commendable read. A dynamic Story Teller, IMAHKÜS stimulates your imagination as she takes you on her journey of repatriation to her ancestral homeland. Her writings breed an air of familiarity, instantly drawing you into her pulsating journeys.

Seestah IMAHKÜS is a Public Speaker and Consultant who knows Ghana like the back of her hand.  She travels extensively, covering other parts of Africa, gathering research material for future writings and tourism destinations, which impact on the positive images of Africa today.  Seestah IMAHKÜS has written articles and been interviewed by various magazines and newspapers (Essence Magazine, Peoples Magazine, The New York Daily News, New Africa Magazine, The Final Call Newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, The Global Black Experience (WLIB-NYC), Rootz Reggae & Kulcha Publications, Escape Artists.com and Ghanaian Times).  She is one of the founding members of the Universal Pan African Diasporan Coalition of Ghana; Member of the African American Association of Ghana; Central Region African Ascendant Association of Ghana; the Patron of the Institute of Afrikology and the Afrika Day Foundation of Durban, South Africa. Email: oneafrica_ghana@yahoo.com; Website: www.oneafricaghana.com; Facebook: imahkusnjingaokofu, One Africa Resort and YouTube: oneafricaghana

Farah Yazid

Farah wants to create a world full of people that aren’t afraid of being their authentic selves. She wants to help bring people out of the hurt of their past, enhance their present, and help them manifest the future they have always imagined for themselves.

With a naturopath healer mother and a graphic designer father she’s worked with herbs, diet, and lifestyle changes. Through her father she was exposed to many different artistic mediums. After falling in love with the powers of healing crystals she found her calling as a energy healer and with her artistic roots crystal jewelry came naturally

As a artist, designer, and healer with more than 10 years experience, she has worked behind the camera styling full looks for events,  photo shoots, and video shoots, learning the healing properties of crystals, and hand making custom jewelry for everyday clients.

Whens she’s not designing, manifesting, consulting with new clients, or exploring new art you can find her trying out new nail art designs, watching the latest blockbuster, or soaking up the sun on the beach.

If you’re interested in her art portfolio or nail art you can find it at www.farahyazid.com

Adama  Alaji

Minister on behalf of the Cosmic Community for Conscious Cosmic Citizenship, she is consciously working towards the harmonization, unification, and reconciliation of individual and collective purposes, duties, responsibilities and identities with the Truths of Existence to establish Creator Knowledge, Creation Knowledge and Self-Knowledge as key to Liberation and Emancipation for All Orders of Being.

…Inspirational Lifestyle Change and Wholistic Wellness Consultant, consciously working towards the total integration and exaltation of the whole being through physical, mental, and spiritual consultation, counseling and readings; Adama provides reinforcement, practical support, inspiration and assistance in creating the most expeditious path towards one’s wholeness.


Beatrice Afful is Ghana’s fitness Ambassador and a certified fitness expert, a Natural Health Therapist and a certified raw food expert; she helps individuals on how to effectively incorporate fitness and nutrition into their busy everyday lives. She strongly believe health and wellness is a personal conversation one must have in other not to look your age, Beatrice, popularly known as (Bea Debully) is in her fifties and has over a decade of experience in the fitness sector attesting to the tremendous impact on one’s health and looks.

She is the founder of BeaFit and the lead trainer; she is also the official trainer of the award winning weight loss program called Fat2fit.  Beadebully runs the biggest space open aerobics in the country at Aburi Mountains, Peduase Lodge, where she trains all kinds of people who walks up the hill every Saturday and holidays; she trains corporate institutions, companies, churches, groups, fitness clubs etc. Beatrice is a mother of three.

Dr. Aris LaTham, PhD.

The 2012 Second Edition of Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America acclaims:
‘…the raw food movement owes much to Dr. Aris LaTham, a native of Panama, he is considered
to be the father of gourmet ethical raw foods cuisine in America. He debut his raw food creations
in 1979, when he started Sunfired Foods, a live food company in Harlem, New York. In the
years since he has trained thousands of raw food chefs and added innumerable recipes to his repertoire.’

Dr. Airs LaTham spent his early higher education years at the University of Legon in Ghana, as
well as New York University, and graduated from the College of Staten Island (CUNY) with a
B.A. in Education and Spanish. He also completed graduate studies at California State University
Fullerton, with majors in Linguistics and Bilingual Education, where he was a polyglot scholar
of Kiswahili, Sanskrit, Italian, Arabic, and Ebonics. As an educator, professor LaTham taught
Spanish, Kiswahili and English as a Second Language (ESL) at the secondary school level in
New York City and the State of New Jersey.

He was on the faculty of California’s College of San Mateo, Fullerton Community College, and
Sullivan Language Institute. He also taught at Cornell University in Ithaca New York and Brown
University in Providence, Rhode Island. Dr. LaTham was an administrator at the Tanganyika
International School in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. He also served as a Bilingual Curriculum
Writer and Second Language Specialist for the San Francisco and San Bernardino Unified
School Districts in California. Dr. Aris LaTham was the keynote presenter at the 2009
International Vegan Festival in Rio de Janeiro and lectures in the School of Nutrition at
Universidad Federal Autonoma de Brasil, Florianopolis Campus in Brazil.
In 2004 Dr. LaTham was honored as a keynote presenter to the 36th World Vegetarian Congress
in Florianopolis, Brazil, in 2005 at the European Vegetarian Congress in Riccione, Italy and at
the 2009 International Vegan Festival in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Dr. Aris LaTham was born in Gatun, Panama Canal Zone. He is a direct descendant of an
African-Caribbean family of Culinary Griots who has become a world renown crusader in the
area of wholesome foods. His linguistic and culinary interests have been shared with many
diverse people throughout Africa, Asia, the Americas, Australia, the Caribbean and Europe
Dr. LaTham, who is self-learned in the Culinary Arts and Sciences through his private ten thousand-volume library collection, is the originator of SUNFIRED CUISINE and PARADISE PIES. SUNFIRED FOODS have been featured by Black Entertainment Television (BET), the Food Network, Temple University Medical School Forum, Organic Food Producers Association of North America, Family Channel’s ‘Body by Jake’, CNBC: Alive and Wellness, ABC: Eye Witness News, CBS News, Jamaica’s CVM TV, and TVJ’s Frontline with Ian Boyne and numerous Worldwide Television and Radio Magazines. He was an Executive Chef at Hippocrates Health Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida.

Dr. Aris LaTham, ‘The Sunfired Gourmet’, has been a vegetarian for 43 years and has eaten Sunfired Foods exclusively for the past 37 years. He was voted one of the top vegetarian chefs in the USA by Vegetarian Times Magazine. He has been featured in Essence, Jamaican Eats, Vegetarian Gourmet, Health Quest, Upscale, UK’s Balance, and Japan’s Tarzan Fitness  Dr. Aris LaTham, PhD. Sunfired Food Scientist, Linguist & Educator Magazines. Newspapers, including the Washington Post, Philadelphia Enquirer, Harlem’s Amsterdam News, Jamaica’s Gleaner and Observer, have reviewed the Sunfired Cuisine… Dr. LaTham was the featured chef at the Raw Food Masters Culinary Showcase at Swept Away Resort in Negril. He has served as an Executive Food Service Consultant to Island Outpost’s Strawberry Hill Resort in Irish Town and the Kingston Hilton Hotel in Jamaica. He is currently engaged in the training of vegetarian and raw food chefs for other major international resorts and hotels. ‘Sunfired Edible Arts’, education, nutrition, detox, catering, and consulting services are available through the SUNFIRED CULINARY ECO-ORGANIC RESORT located at Aguas Claras Cottages, Playa Cocles, Costa Rica.

SUNFIRED CUISINE delicacies have been catered to numerous celebrities and dignitaries including former US Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, Dr. Alvenia Fulton, Ann Wigmore, Sly Dunbar, Barbara Streisand, Dennis Weaver, Dick Gregory, Dexter King, Marilyn and Harvey Diamond, Angela Bofil, Iyanla Vanzant, Viktoras Kulvinskas, Erykah Badu, Tony Rebel, Demi Moore, Mutabaruka, Rita Marley, Sam Nujoma, Prince, Betty Shabazz, Depak Chopra, Aley Sheedi, Ben Vereen, Dr. Neil Barnard, Chris Blackwell, Philip Michael Thomas, Isaac Hayes, Cicely Tyson, Lenox Lewis, Senator Alcee Hastings, Sidney Poitier, Eddie Albert, Susan Taylor, Jewel Diamond Taylor, Les Brown, Ed Asner, Gene Pearson, Alicia Silverstone, Aisha Khalil, Dave Stewart and Rushelle Farrell Dr. Aris LaTham has been sought after to present and cater to organizations such as: The United States Congress, Agape MinistryNational Medical Association ConventionWash. DC Commission of Public HealthWashington Hospital Cancer InstituteUnited Nation AIDS (UNAIDS)National Institute of Health, Green FestivalOhio Mental Health CommissionHalf Moon Hotel, Montego Bay, JamaicaThe Discovery Channel, Raw Spirit FestivalPanama Breast Cancer Awareness Audubon Society Earth DayTotal Expo Health Canada, New Life ExpoSan Diego World Beat CenterNational Health Federation ConventionWhole Life Expo, Cancer Control SocietyYoga and Raw Food ExpoSt Lucia Wellness Day, Princes Cruise ShipsBarbados Organic WellnessDominica Health and Wellness Expo Dr. Aris LaTham was the President, co-founder and Master Chef of Green City Market and Café in Bethesda, Maryland, and managed the Queen of Sheba Restaurant at The Bob Marley Museum.

He has done extensive product development consulting for The Beverly Hills Wellness Center, Nutiva, Guest Services, Swept Away Resorts, Mother’s Market and Kitchen, Beverly Hills Juice Club and Whole Foods Markets.

Website: www.Sunfired.Com

Chef Babette Davis

Born in Los Angeles, CA, Chef Babette, the extremely fit and youthful 70-year-old has been a vegan and raw food chef for over two decades. Her Love Ur Age Project is intended to expose health and wellness to individuals who may not otherwise be acquainted with healthier lifestyles due to environmental and economic barriers or simple lack of knowledge.

Chef Babette’s personal journey to health began after years of suffering from digestive issues, asthma and skin disorders. She soon became a “chemist” in the kitchen and spent years perfecting recipes, which allowed her to eat what she loved without the guilt or associated “dis-eases” and ailments. Recently after a video profile produced by not-for-profit organization Mercy for Animals garnered over 8 million views on social media, Chef Babette become even more of a household name.



Adisa Jelani Andwele (AJA)

Adisa Jelani Andwele (AJA) is a Barbadian-born, New York-based
performance poet, musician, social activist and cultural administrator. The
root of his performance pieces is Bajan (Barbadian) Riddim poetry, which
is reflective of the decolonization process in Barbados and the Caribbean. Many
of his works are rooted in the island’s indigenous Tuk rhythm and other
Caribbean rhythms and are presented in Barbadian Nation Language which
references speech patterns that came across the Middle Passage with the
enslaved Africans.

AJA also fuses Jazz and R&B with various Caribbean rhythms to create a
unique sound. This provides the platform for him to deliver his thoughtprovoking and engaging poetry, with references to the legacy of the enslavement of Africans in the Caribbean and America. He performs at
international World Music, Jazz and Poetry Festivals and his poems have also
been internationally published.
www.reverbnation.com/ajapoet www.facebook.com/AJApoet
Tel: 917-797-9173 (USA) / 246-230-719 (Barbados)
Email: ajapoet@hotmail.com

Ọbádélé Kambon, PhD

Dr. Ọbádélé “Africano” Kambon has been a practitioner of Capoeira for 20 years with his studies taking him to train most notably in Salvador da Bahia, Brasil, Atlanta, GA (USA), Madison, WI (USA) and Chicago, IL (USA). He is also a member of the Special Advisory Group for the International Centre of Martial Arts for Youth Development and Engagement under the auspices of UNESCO (ICM).  Dr. Kambon spent his formative years in Chicago, IL, learning capoeira as a practical martial art for self-defense and offense and began instructing Capoeira in 2007 as part of Capoeira Akebelan. During this time he made a Capoeira pilgrimage to Brasil with his then instructor, Valentao, to study the Capoeira Angola style at Associacao da Capoeira Angola and Mestre Joao Pequenos academia while simultaneously studying Capoeira Regional as Academia da Capoeira Mestre Bimba.

In this class, we will begin with a brief history of Capoeira from its Afrikan origin in Angola to its use as an instrument of liberation used by enslaved Afrikans in Brasil to free themselves up to more recent history. Then we will go into exercises tailored for Capoeira as well as some of the basic movements, attacks and escapes/defenses of Capoeira.  We will conclude with a friendly roda, or light sparring session for students to get a chance to practice what they have learned. Dr. Ọbádéléis a senior research fellow & research coordinator in Language, Literature and Drama Section for the Institute of African Studies-College of Humanities at the University of Ghana-Legon.  In addition, he is the Editor-in-Chief of the Ghana Journal of Linguistics and the Secretary of the African Studies Association of African (ASAA).  Email: obkambon@ug.edu.gh


Afia Khalia is a well-known international Artist, Healer/massage Therapist and community activist; who uses her voice as an artist to shine light on our struggles and triumphs as a people. As a massage Therapist her specialty is in energy work. She is the Owner of GTT (Goddess Touch Therapy). And her services range from deep tissue massage, Acupressure, cranial sacral unwinding, to Body-mind readings, and spiritual readings. She also offers classes in massage therapy and energy work.

Afia Khalia is also one of the Co-founders of H.E.R Collective. Which is based here in Ghana and its mission is to uplift and unify all Afrikans across cultural and ethnic lines. She is a mother, a Poet, a community activist, Pan Afrikanist and a New Afrikan nation builder.


Viewing his works as a whole, one can easily see his philosophy in life visualized as a physical manifestation of spiritual journeys and lessons. Working with Poetry, Photography, Painting, Music and Graffiti, Kwabena Danso aka JaHWi can best be described as a multi-ability-artist with no boundaries.  JaHWi has been a driving force in the underground music scene in Ghana over the last ten years, his unique fusion of sounds ranging from reggae to rock and hip hop.

He has opened for the likes of Culture, Rocky Dawuni, Kofi Ghanaba, Tony Rebel, Mutabaruka and Dobet Gnahore.  JaHWi’s debut album “Ancient Soul Cries” was released on 24th April 2013, He is currently in the studio working on a second. JaHWi blends a unique range of vocal skills with spoken word and beat boxing. He is passionate about social issues, with themes ranging from self-awareness, spiritual growth, immigration and African unity to Stories from the streets of Accra.


Meseya is an international musical ensemble, comprised of singers, dancers, rappers, and composers.   Our members come from all parts of the world:  the United States, South America, the Caribbean, and right here in Ghana.  The group began because of our common belief in Yah and our desire to spread a positive message to our people. We have performed throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Kenya, and Ghana, at various venues including schools, community centers, prisons, universities, concert halls, outdoor festivals, and churches.  In Ghana, we have performed on several occasions at the National Theater in Accra, the State House, Independence Square, and at various hotels and private venues throughout the country.

We have performed with notable Ghanaian musicians such as Kojo Antwi, Gyedu Blay Ambolley, Wiyaala, and Elivava.  One unique feature of the band is that most of our members are women.  We feature women on vocals, bass, saxophone, guitar, violin, cello, keyboard, drums, and on the dance floor.   Our uniquely choreographed dances are specially performed to our original tunes.  The name Meseya is an Akan word meaning Yas Language Agent.  Mese means Yas language, and Ya is translated Agent or Lord.  In other words, the one who is sent to speak Yas word.  MESEYA.   With original music and lyrics, we spread a positive cultural message, teaching our people to be proud to be African, recognizing that Ya has blessed us with a rich ancestral and cultural heritage.  Our music educates, uplifts, and inspires listeners with soulful lyrics that touch the spiritual senses.  Our purpose is to instill in our audiences pride in the triumphs of our ancestors, and to motivate them to become active participants in shaping the future.

Aliyah Kamala

Aliyah Kamala, ND, is a life, business & wellness coach. She teaches meditation, yoga, dance & various healing arts. Aliyah has been practicing wholistic health, yoga, & dance for over 22 years & is certified in both Hatha & Kemetic yoga styles. She is a Doctor of Naturopathy who specializes in women’s health, herbal medicine, nutrition & energy healing. As a veteran 11-year Reiki Master, Aliyah infuses her expertise to create a transformative wellness experience for her clients. She’s also CEO of Om Naturals self-care lifestyle brand & a best-selling author.

Aliyah likes to incorporate fitness into her work by offering a variety of weekly classes which include yoga, dance, & fitness boot camps.  More importantly, Aliyah is a dedicated mom of 3 who is committed to her mission of teaching women how to live their best lives through health & wellness!

Dr. Cosmos Larbi

A trained herbalist and a natural health researcher/traditionalist. A trained plant based diet practitioner,
2nd vice president of (THAG). traditional herbalist Association of Ghana, CEO. Of Cosmos Diagnosis
Centre Alt. Dr Cosmos is a strong believer and advocator of "Sankofa " that is going back to take or use what our old folks used to do, eat, the way they heal with herbs and natural ingredients, which is what made them live long and healthy as compared to what we are seeing today.

He believes in blending scientific knowledge with folk medicine healing knowledge and healing to combat current diseases. These approaches he believes in and currently using to handle his patients successfully.One cannot be physically ill until you are psychological or spiritually ill, hence there is a need for such patient to be handled both in physically and in spiritual means by the healer. With this approach, holistic healing shall be approach.


Ama Kambon is an thirteen-year-old vegan chef from Ghana, West Africa. She started her business making child friendly food preparation videos on her website as her first entrepreneurial endeavour, when she was only 5 years old. Now Ama is starting her own catering business with her Aunt, called NkwaDua.com (Tree of Life vegan catering), and continuing to thrive as a leading youthpreneur in vegan nutritional health for children. Aside from her work as a vegan chef, she’s also an animator and award-winning writer. You can find or,ut more about her on AmaKambon.com



Armah Benjamin


Armah Benjamin is my name.

From Winniba at Central Region.

Born on 1st April,1986.

Profession in Art and Craft Work AND Cultural dance teacher

Ayanna Gregory

For this singer, dramatist, educator and activist, music and art are more than entertainment; they are her mission.  And with penetrating depth, Ayanna’s music is making audiences feel and heal.  In a time so needy of real and responsible art, Ayanna is bringing to the world a most beautiful and meaningful gift for the human Spirit.

Ayanna is no stranger to the entertainment world.  While growing up as the daughter of celebrated Comedian and Human Rights Activist Dick Gregory, she was blessed with the opportunity to interact with such mega talents as Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson.  But the glamour of the entertainment world isn’t what resonated most with her.  Raised with a deep awareness and concern for Human Rights, Ayanna’s musical roots are steeped in the struggle of the “Freedom Movement”.  Ayanna knew early on that her gift of song would be her gift to the struggle.

Ayanna’s mission continues to take her around the country and across the globe.  In addition to her life as a soul singer, she spends much of her time as an educator and motivational speaker, teaching life skills and creative arts to school children and lecturing before diverse audiences.  In the last decade, Ayanna’s artistic journey has evolved into a great love for theater.  In 2014, she created an unforgettable one-woman show entitled “Daughter Of The Struggle” which she is currently touring throughout the US.  Described by Martin Luther King III as “magnificent and inspiring!”, this play is a deeply personal journey into the Gregory legacy.  This autobiographical performance reveals Ayanna’s multi-faceted existence as a child of the Civil Rights Movement. And lastly, Ayanna’s newest creation is a brand new one-woman production entitled, “Who Must You Be” which debuted at the 2019 DC Black Theatre Festival.  This play exlores the juvenile injustice system and is a powerful ode to the resilient Black child fighting to survive and thrive in America.

Ayanna recorded works include “Beautiful Flower” (2003), “Ballad For My Father: Tribute to Dick Gregory” (2007), “Now” (2011), “I DREAM A WORLD” ( 2013), and “Mama This One’s For You” (2014)

Songstress, writer, dramatist, educator and activist, Ayanna Gregory stands as a beautiful continuum of a powerful legacy.


Chef Duece has a passion for the arts and a love for food. The plate becomes his canvas as he uses colors, flavors and textures to create a cosmic experience that transcends the palate to another realm. He began his tango with the arts as a dancer in Los Angeles where he learned to translate his life experiences into movement. With this same passion he manifests the energy of those experiences in his culinary creations.

Imara “Empress” Solwasi

Imara “Empress” Solwasi adopted a vegan diet over 20 years ago. She took on the challenge of teaching food preparation and being a health advocate after witnessing her own family’s demise from poor eating habits and their lack of self- discipline when faced with health ultimatums. “It was very sad watching both of my late parents suffer from preventable and curable diseases. They were convinced that conventional prescription drugs and licensed physician advice was better for them then my basic herbal remedies, holistic life practices and plant based diet recommendations.  They were both hypertensive, on drugs for over twenty years, both diabetic, acquiring adult diabetes in their forties with over six months to a year option given of changing their diet and sedentary life before having to be put on insulin. My Mother developed multiple myeloma (to date, incurable cancer of the blood), my Father had to undergo triple by-pass heart surgery and then developed liver cancer less than six months after my mother passed and then he passed three months after his diagnosis.  All I could do was watch.  Senior and stubborn, they liked what they liked to eat, full stop.”

One of my goals of being a Vegan All Star is to introduce new indigenous foods and recipe options that keep the taste buds happily engaged for even the most hard line carnivore, which usually has a mindset that a “no meat” meal cannot be tasty or satisfying. The rapidly increasing negative health statistics for Ghanaians is evidence that mimicking practices outside of our own culture can be detrimental. The result of adopting any foreign style should be an improved living standard that upgrades: health, sanitation or the education of the nation. If the practice doesn’t pass this litmus test, then clearly it is not for our benefit.

Ghana has the capacity to be the greatest example of an African nation, which has noted its infrastructural challenges (food pallet and physical environs) and changed its course for the better. Before and beyond the millennium development goals, we were and are Kings and Queens, historically and traditionally. We have all that is necessary at our disposal without loans, foreign aid or assistance to improve our own condition. We have the capacity to live better and longer, one person at a time and with Vegan All Stars, one meal at a time. Take the Vegan All Star workshop today, your health is truly your wealth, invest wisely.

Bra baddidy, (Come Eat)


Kokayi Bakari Postell is a Vocalist who repatriated to Ghana 6 years ago. He has been an educator and cultural dancer in the Central region, and is currently a fitness coach at the University of Cape Coast. He and his partner, Nangamso Gumbe, have been operating a plant-based catering company by the name of Earth Plate for the past year. As a newly signed member of H.E.R. records, look out for upcoming hits in the near future! In the meantime, check out his Smooth single ”Fire Sign” on YouTube.


MAUSIKI SCALES, Composer / Band Leader / Keyboardist / Historian

Mausiki Scales has been a force in the Atlanta indie music scene for over two decades as a sought-after keyboardist and founder/musical director of the critically acclaimed ensemble, The Common Ground Collective. A recipient of the Georgia Governor’s Award for the Arts and Humanities, Mausiki is also a folklorist and historian who translates his knowledge into musical arrangements that leave his audiences moved and moving…literally. Mausiki Scales and the Common Ground Collective are known for taking fans on a fearless exploration of the pulsating rhythms of the African Diaspora, seamlessly connecting the dots between Afrobeat, Funk, Hip Hop, Soul and New Orleans Jazz…in a single performance. Mausiki has performed with artists such as Roy Ayers, Babatunde Olatunji, Les Nubians, Stevie Wonder, Kirk Whalum, The Last Poets, Third World, Russell Gunn, Brenda Nicole Moorer, Khari Cabral Simmons and Julie Dexter.


Vocalists feat. on “WESTWEST AFRICA”

Left: Julie Dexter

Right: Akua Taylor

Center: Brenda Nicole Moorer

Sajata Howell

Empress Sajata aka SAGE is a holistic entrepreneur and motivator from the Virgin Islands. She is the proud owner of Preserve Lyfe Bake Goods. She uses the modalities of massage, plant based foods, and inspiring words to create what she refers to as Edible Poetry.

Empress Sajata specializes in vegan and raw food preparation. She has studied under Master Chef, Stacey Dougan, out of Atlanta, Georgia, for two years, after which, Empress Sajata developed her own line of vegan baked goods in Ghana.

Sajata has had a lifetime of experience with vegan foods. She grew up in a vegetarian household, which is where her exposure to the vegan lifestyle and cooking began. However, coming out of high school she strayed away from the healthy, plant-based way of eating and began eating a poor vegetarian diet; taking in starchy fried vegetables, and processed grains and breads. After she gained weight, she realized the importance of the diet she was instilled with as a child. She returned to eating cooked and raw greens, fresh fruits and whole grains. From that time to the present she has adhered to a healthy vegan diet and released 40 pounds. Maintaining this lifestyle has allowed her to keep the weight off and cultivate her health.

“Let your food be your medicine,” has been the guiding statement of Empress Sajata’s work, and it is through her company that she works as a healer. “Learning the intricacies of my family-owned vegan eatery has fueled me with the passion to reintroduce and remind my people that the cure for all of our illness lies in upgrading the quality of fuel we feed our bodies.”

Empress Sajata believes in the idea that with diet, “Balance is the key,” and her company is focused on this basic and significant idea. Fusing together the delicious flavor, as well as the medicinal aspects of her foods is what creates the poetically edible dishes that she bakes to Preserve Lyfe.

Sajata currently resides in the Ghana with her husband and three daughters and continues to run her successful business with a mission to inspire health and wellness.


Contact: xtremevolumemusic@gmail.com

Villy & The Xtreme Volumes is an Indie music group, led by the director, songwriter and band leader Oliseh John Odili, aka Villy. Villy grew up in Lagos Nigeria and journeyed into music at a young age. Villy’s lyrics address the consequences of colonialism and perspectives in the age of imperialism that shapes our view to this day, and interrogate how Africa appears in the collection of distorted images while serving as a projection screen for exotic longings.

Villy and his group The Xtreme Volumes are currently based in Ghana and have toured some of the West African countries, expressing political and social commentary with inspiration from Fela and Egypt80, and Bob Marley and the Wailers. They are undoubtedly rich with experimental fusions of Afro elements and groove with extracts from rock, blues, jazz, to funk and country, as well as rare tonalities entrenched in Nigerian juju music and Ghanaian highlife spirit while lyricism engages our shared broken facets as a global village.

In 2016 they released Humanimals their second body of work, their boldest work yet, and have inspired a lot of conversations about them and has given them more exposure and relevance.

Villy & The Xtreme Volumes are one of Africa’s fast-rising music groups and are presently planning a live concert album.

Their latest Humanimals musical film and have had a world premiere at the Film Africa Festival in London on the 10th of November, 2018.





  • World Premiere Of Humanimals Musical Film at the 2018 Film Africa (Ritzy Cinema Brixton) • Humanimals 1st Nigerian EP Film musical

(trailer): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRVvMXh2JB8


  • Invited to Headlined at 2015 Glastonbury (Toad Hall Stage)
  • Felabration 2012/2013/2015
  • Headlined 2012 World Music day at the African Shrine hosted by the British council, Alliance  Francaise & Goethe Institut.
  • IndieFuse 2013
  • Asa Baako 2014/2015/2016
  • Sabolai Radio Music Festival 2015/2016


  • Chale Wote Street Festival 2015/2016
  • Film Africa (Film Festival) London 2018
  • Felabration 2014/2015

Bushman cafe Abidjan, Ivory cost 2019

Black History Month Hamburg Germany 2020

Rote Flora Performance 2020


Preview YouTube video Africa Beats: VILLY & The Xtreme Volumes, Nigeria

Africa Beats: VILLY & The Xtreme Volumes, Nigeria

Preview YouTube video Humanimals Musical Film Trailer



Bravedave is a Nigerian spoken word poet, freelance writer and page poet based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is passionate about life, growth, truth, love, humanity and cares a great deal about the earth.

He has published over 600 poems and has undertaken and completed several poetry projects including a 365 Days Of Poetry project in 2019, writing at least one poem every day from January to December.

He studied Mathematics at the University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria.

Queen Iminah

Queen Iminah is an internationally renowned Artist, Educator and Cultural Ambassador hailing from Oakland, California USA by way of Jamaica. She is the founder of the “From Ghetto 2 Goddess” movement which is responsible for implementing key policies and initiatives to improve educational & life experiences for Black Girls throughout the US.

Her debut album, From Ghetto 2 Goddess’ Is coming in March with the lead single, “Warrior Queen”. As an artist, she tours throughout the world using music
to inspire the original greatness of Africa to rise again. ASE!!

El Shabazz

Nana Okofo Iture Kweku aka El Shabazz

Shabazz is an artist, health enthusiast, priest and manager of the One Africa Health Resort and
Restaurant in El Mina, Ghana West Africa. Born and raise in USA state of New York. Communications
became his 1 st forte. Poetry, writing and debate developed desire to seek truth. Thusly began a life
career of researching, reasoning and formulating objectives toward creating a broad scope of conscious
information and awareness. Health, history and education are the medium by which Shabazz formerly
expressed his communication abilities. Arts and entertainment also gave him solid platforms, yet it is
through Metaphysics that he continues to aspire.


Affectionately known as ASANTEWA, is a vegan chef born and raised in the Eastern Region of Ghana. She has been a vegan for over 25 years and makes some of the best vegan Ghanian food in Ghana. Asantewa own and operates Lysant Foods in Accra, Ghana, where she has workshops, catering and custom meal plans to serve every palate no matter where you’re from. Asantewa is an ageless 60 years and she’s full of energy and has her focus on the youth.

Making sure they understand how to take of themselves as a youth so they don’t have to worry about ailments in their adult years. Asantewa can help you, your family, and your personal chef create delicious African cuisine that will have you hook on life, love and living your most energetic journey.

Kwame Brenya

Kwame Brenya is a writer and performer of poems and music. My poem, OBIBINI (Afrikan) was
published in AKE Review 2020. A collaborative song, ABƆFRA (Child) won the EU/GESP Song Against
Child Abuse Competition, which shall be used to campaign against Child Abuse in 2021.
Another poem, GOD OF LANGUAGES was published in University Of Ghana, Ghana Association of
Writers' Anthology, 2019.
I write mostly in Asante Twi with English translations.

I am an amateur player of the Seperewa instrument and perform with a Palm Wine Band set-up and do
a capella too.

Jennifer Agyeman

Jennifer Agyeman enjoys supporting her clients to explore the immense possibilities and their incredible
potential to envision and create lives that inspire and excite them. She does this through
transformational coaching and impactful soft skills training. She is an INLPTA certified NLP Master
Practitioner and possesses a gift for revealing one's belief system and emotional awareness which she
believes are key for manifesting beautiful relationships, work and overall well-being.

She offers services to clients all over the world as Sessions can be virtually or in person. Her clients include Ministers,
Entrepreneurs, leaders and homemakers. Prior to her work in person growth, Jennifer enjoyed a fruitful career in the Financial services sector in England. She is a Rotarian and has been a member of Ghana  Toastmasters since 2017 and currently serves as Chair of the Training Committee.

All are welcome to connect for a free discovery Session to satisfy curiosity about how she can help you
be all you desire to be.

Jennifer Agyeman
Transformational Coach, Corporate Trainer, Facilitator, Speaker.


Tel: +233 (0)552973961

Dr. Paul Goss

Dr. Paul Goss, founder and president of NEW BODY PRODUCTS, was the 8th child of
10 born to Sam and Annie Goss in Canton, Georgia. He grew up in a small company
town, Alcoa, Tennessee.
In this rural setting he received the basis for an international education. Not in the
poorly funded segregated school, but from two of his neighborhood’s African elders.
Mitchell, known as the “Root Doctor” and Ms. Bellamy, known to some as “The Herb
Lady”. They were the local “root workers”. They knew the healing value of herbs and
plants and how to prepare them as cures. Dr. Goss interest in holistic cures began when
they recognized his potential and began instructing him in ancient cures that were passed
on to them in much the same way.
Dr. Goss continued his education at historic Stillman College in Alabama, where he
received a masters in biochemistry. His real thirst for knowledge, however, simply could
not be filled in a traditional college environment.
He went on to become an organic chemist for a large company. Through self study, he
continued to increase his knowledge in holistic healing. Building on his modest
beginnings as apprentice to “Doc” Mitchell and Ms. Bellamy, he started to develop his
skills as a holistic health practitioner.
By 1965, he had begun to share his largely self-taught knowledge of herbs and holistic
healing with a growing number of clients. In 1976, he established NEW BODY PRODUCTS in Compton, California. His holistic knowledge had by now earned him the formal title of Naturopathic Doctor.

Using iridology for diagnosis along with herbal remedied and vegetarian diets for treatment, Dr. Goss helped people achieve the NEW BODY they needed or wanted through his unique application of the ancient art of holistic healing. Dr. Goss has lectured on holistic topics in nearly every US state and 17 foreign countries including Mexico, Jamaica, Africa and Europe. He has written four books, “Forever Young”, “The Natural Way”, “The Rebirth of Gods”, and “The Eyes of Forever Young” used in many universities today. His celebrity clientele include actor Wesley Snipes, Niecy Nash, Stevie Wonder, John Sallie just to name a few.
Today, NEW BODY PRODUCTS are used by millions with over 20,000 distributors, experienced holistic practitioners, and wellness centers all over the United States and other parts of the world.


Tel: +233 (0)552973961

Yirser Ra Hotep

Yirser Ra Hotep (Elvrid Lawrence) is a master instructor of Yoga, the creator of the YogaSkills Method
(YSM) and is the leader of the global movement of Kemetic Yoga™(ancient Egyptian/African Yoga). He
has practiced and taught Yoga for over 45 years, trained many thousands and has produced over 5,000
certified instructors across the United States and throughout the world. Yirser has produced two
instructional Kemetic Yoga videos and one instructional meditation CD. Born in Chicago, Yirser has
traveled to many parts of the world to conduct workshops and teacher certification courses in his
powerfuland unique brand of Yoga which is characterized by a philosophy of self enlightenment and self
empowerment, fueled by flowing movement, controlled coordinated breathing and powerful signature
postures that are interpreted from the temple and pyramid walls of ancient Egypt which was originally
called Kemet (the Black Land).

Over the years Yirser’s work has been featured in publications such as Yoga Journal, Ebony
Magazine,Yoga Chicago, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Parent, African Business and Culture. Yirser has
appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and interviewed on ABC TV, WGN TV and NBC.
Yirser had his initial training in Yoga with Master Teacher Dr. Asar Hapi in Chicago then went on to
create and develop his own style and methods. He has done pioneering work with children using his
method to train children with special needs using the ISR Method (Internal Self Regulation) to help them
gain integrated mind, body and behavior through stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system.
He has also employed this method with the treatment of substance abusers and youth and adults
suffering from emotional disorders.

Yirser is a trained Social Worker with a Master’s degree from the University of Chicago School of Social
Service Administration. He has created Yoga based wellness programs for Chicago Public School
students, teachers and parents. He has also contracted with major social service agencies and public
sector organizations including Easter Seals, Kids Hope United, Southwest Youth Collaborative, Illinois
Department of Children and Family Services, Cook County Depart of Juvenile Justice and Chicago Urban
League. Yirser has also created corporate wellness programs for the University of Chicago Hospitals,
Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Baker and McKenzie Law firm among others.
Yirser has been a professor at DePaul University School for New Learning in Chicago since 1997 where
he teaches courses in the Science of Yoga, Stress Management for Health and Wellness, Ancient Wisdom
vs. Modern Science, The African American Family and Cultural Diversity.
Yirser is founder of the YogaSkills School of Kemetic Yoga and the Society of Kemetic Yoga which
sponsors teacher training and certification courses in Kemetic Yoga and YogaSkills Method (YSM). He is
also founder of Soul Yoga Fest™, a festival of Yoga, Movement, Internal Energy Practices and Music
scheduled to premier in Montego Bay Jamaica in November 2013. Soul Yoga Fest will feature top Black
instructors from around the world in various forms of Yoga, Chi Kung, Martial Arts, Belly Dance,
Wellness and Self Empowerment Strategies as well as entertainment provided by major musical artists.
Yirser was a pioneer in training children, their teachers and social workers in the in the science of
becoming calm and maintaining focus through his system called Internal Self Regulation or
ISR. Yirser first began to use ISR in 1979 working children at the Better Boys Foundation and Chicago
Public Schools. ISR incorporates deep breathing, focusing exercises and movements in order to stimulate
the nervous system to become calm.